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Hey there, it's nice to meet you!


Connor Flanigan


University of Michigan, Computer Science 

Hey there! My name's Connor, I'm a serial impact entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. I've worked in cybersecurity, augmented reality, and robotics. Here at NetGems I handle NFT minting and collection development. I care about helping artists, creators, and personalities get the compensation they deserve. 


Greg Cervenak


University of Michigan, Business

Hi! My name is Greg, and I'm originally from Boston, MA and am a graduate of the University of Michigan. Previously, I've worked in fintech, strategy, and currently am in consulting.  Here at NetGems, I handle corporate development and client relations. I care about maximizing the money you can make from your works, so let's make it happen!

Before NetGems

Greg and Connor met at the University of Michigan after working together to assist a local charity-based dog biscuit company in setting up their e-commerce store. They both realized they loved cause-driven businesses. After starting a mask campaign to provide COVID-19 relief funds to Peruvian orphanages and indigenous communities, they are now working to help former viral sensations get rewarded for their massive contributions to the internet with equally large payouts. Connor has been involved in the fintech, blockchain, and startup spaces for years, while Greg has multiple years of fintech experience and now works in consulting providing strategic recommendations to the world's largest firms. Together they hope to empower those who brought joy to the world in the early internet days with the money they deserve.

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